Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to questions we find often crop up in the wedding planning process. Of course, our Events Team are on hand on hand from the moment you book your wedding at our barns in Cambridgeshire to give you advice and support. So don’t hesitate to call them on 01234 376774 or email Galloping Gourmet at Bassmead Manor Barns.

What are the sizes of your tables?

We have 10 round tables, which are 5.5ft/1.68m in diameter. They comfortably seat 10 guests. We have a further 11 round tables, which are 5ft in diameter and comfortably seat eight guests. Finally, we have one oval table seating up to 12 guests. We also have a traditional long rectangular table which can be used as a top table.

How big is the cake table?

We have two round cake tables, which are 3ft in diameter. Some couples choose to use one for their cake and another to display photographs, cards or messages. Generally, we stand the cake table in the entrance to Bridge Barn so your guests will see your cake as soon as they walk into the room.

How big is your cake stand?

We have two silver-plated cake stands available for you to use (one round and one square). They are both 16in/40.6cm in diameter. We also have a beautiful Vera Wang cake knife for that all-important cake-cutting moment.

What time can we access the Bridal Boudoir?

Access to the Bridal Boudoir is from 10 am on the day of your wedding.

Do you have a PA system in Bridge Barn?

Yes, we do. It is often used to play background music during the wedding breakfast or an entrance song as you are announced into the room.

Is our band able to use your PA system?

Unfortunately this isn’t possible – the PA system is only used for background music.

Do you have a microphone?

Yes, we have a wireless microphone in Bridge Barn.

Are we allowed to have sparklers?

Yes, guests generally use sparklers as the newlyweds leave at the end of the evening, creating a lovely ‘sparkler’ walkway for the happy couple.

Are we able to have a fire pit?

Unfortunately, due to health and safety reasons it isn’t possible to have a fire pit. We have lovely heaters outside on our patio to keep you and your guests cosy on cooler evenings.

Are fireworks permitted?

Fireworks are only permitted on 5th November and on New Year’s Eve before 10.30 pm, provided a full risk assessment is carried out. This must be a professionally organised firework display.

Can I bring my dog to the wedding?

Yes. We’re more than happy for dogs to walk down the aisle! We don’t have any other facilities for your dog, so they will need to go home after the ‘I do’ moment.”

Are our guests able to camp in the grounds of Bassmead Manor?

Unfortunately not, but Agden Hill Farm is just 18 minutes’ drive away and has an excellent camping ground.

Do you have any audio-visual facilities in Bridge Barn that we could use for the speeches?

We have a basic projector screen, but no projector. If you would like to bring your own projector, we would be more than happy to accommodate space for it and help you to set it up.

Do you have a sound limiter, and what is it set at?

Yes, we do have a sound limiter in place. It is set at legal requirement, which is 95 decibels.

Are we allowed to pin anything into the wooden beams?

Unfortunately, we can’t allow anything to be pinned into the wooden beams. The beams in Rickety Barn are over 300 years old, so we’re taking great care of them! You are most welcome to hang bunting and fairy lights from the beams by wrapping or tying them around.

How many plug sockets do you have in the band area, and what is the amperage of the plug sockets?

We have four double plug sockets available in the band area, which are 13 amps.

Are we allowed confetti cannons?

We can’t allow confetti due to health and safety. Our floors can become very slippery.

Are smoke machines permitted?

Unfortunately, smoke machines activate our fire alarms. Uplighters and other forms of clever lighting make our barns look spectacular.

What provision does Bassmead Manor Barns have during icy or snowy conditions?

We have a contract with a gritting company for the drive and all areas of the venue. As a working farm we have the capability to clear snow from the drive and car park.

In the event of a power cut, does Bassmead Manor Barns have a generator?

Yes, we have a 200kW generator for the venue. This does not include Appletree Cottage.

In the event of an interruption to the water supply, does Bassmead Manor Barns have an emergency water source?

Yes, both the barn wedding venue and Appletree Cottage have emergency tanked water.

Is Bridge Barn and bar area air-conditioned?

Yes, there is full climate control in both areas, so the temperature is pleasant on even the hottest day.

Are patio heaters provided free of charge?

Yes, there are two heaters provided at no extra cost.

Is the Bridal Boudoir air-conditioned?

Yes. The Boudoir offers heating and air conditioning so you can be cool in the summer and cosy in the winter.

Can a helicopter land at the venue?

It certainly can – at the top of the drive.

What time does the bar close?

Last orders is 11.15pm and the bar closes at 11.30pm. This gives everyone a chance to say their goodbyes and make their way to their taxis or cars and leave the venue by midnight. Guests staying overnight can retire to Appletree Cottage.

What time does music finish?

Music should finish by 11.30pm.

What time does the venue close?

Bassmead Manor Barns closes at midnight. The bar and music finish at 11.30pm so everyone can say their goodbyes and head home or to their accommodation for the night.

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