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Frequently asked

Here are a few answers to questions we find often crop up in the wedding planning process. Of course, our Events Team are on hand from the moment you book your wedding to give you advice and support.

General Venue

Do I have exclusive use of Bassmead?
The venue is exclusive to you from 12 pm on the day of your wedding until 12 am so you may find that there are showrounds on the morning of your wedding.

What are your minimum and maximum numbers?
Our maximum capacities are 150 in the day and 200 in the evening. We can host more intimate weddings, however minimum charges do apply. Please refer to the menu brochure for more information on this.

What are the sizes of your tables?
We have 13 round tables, which are 5.5ft/1.68m in diameter. They comfortably seat 10 guests. We have a further 6 round tables, which are 5ft in diameter and comfortably seat 8 guests.

What provision does Bassmead Manor Barns have during icy or snowy conditions?
We have a contract with a gritting company for the drive and all areas of the Venue. As a working farm we have the capability to clear snow from the drive and car park.

Is the venue heated?
There is underfloor heating in the Rickety Barn and Bridge Barn as well as full climate control throughout the venue. There are two patio heaters outside, as well as a fully heated gazebo.

Can a helicopter land at the venue?
It certainly can – at the top of the drive.

Are we allowed to pin anything into the wooden beams?
Unfortunately, we can’t allow anything to be pinned into the wooden beams. The beams in Rickety Barn are over 300 years old, so we’re taking great care of them! You are most welcome to hang bunting and fairy lights from the beams by wrapping or tying them around.

Does the venue have air conditioning?
Yes there is air conditioning in the Bridge Barn and bar area, so the temperature is pleasant even on the hottest day. The Boudoir also offers air conditioning.

What happens if we need to cancel our booking?
If you wish to cancel your Booking for whatever reason, you must confirm it in writing to us. Cancellation fees will apply, please refer to the terms and conditions on the booking portal for full cancellation details. We strongly advise you to read these before confirming your wedding.

Do you allow candles?
We only allow LED candles. Flamed candles are not permitted anywhere in the venue.

Can we bring any pets?
Only assistance dogs are allowed in the Rickety Barn for the ceremony, however pets are welcome in the bar area only and outside areas for the rest of the day.

Are we allowed a Bouncy Castle?
Bouncy Castles are allowed if the operator is with it the entire time, has full public liability insurance and a full risk assessment has been completed. It can only be placed in the courtyard.

Can I borrow a ladder to put up my decorations?
Unfortunately, we’re not able to provide a ladder due to Health and Safety regulations.

Can I put up my own lighting and other decorations?
Yes, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all Health and Safety Regulations e.g. fire proofing decorations and all electrical equipment is PAT tested. You will also need Public Liability Insurance. We advise that you use fully insured contractors. For large decorations in the Rickety Barn, please get in contact with your registrar for more details on restrictions.

Do you have a power outlet outside?
We have two weatherproof power points, one by the kitchen door on the patio and another on the gazebo. Due to Health and Safety, plugs need to be a standard household plug and not a transformer. Anything larger than this will not be accepted. All electrical items need to be fully PAT tested.

Do my suppliers/contractors need to have public liability insurance?
Yes, it is your responsibility to check that all contractors/suppliers you employ have public liability insurance. We require their contact details and a copy of their public liability insurance before they can operate at Bassmead. If any supplier is using electrical equipment, PAT certificates must be provided in advance. Please note the fabrication of the venue and its fixtures and fittings cannot be damaged in any way, moved or re-located.

Can our suppliers visit the venue in advance?
Once you have booked Bassmead Manor Barns you are more than welcome to re-visit with suppliers and family when you wish. Visits can easily be arranged by phone or email.

Can I arrange a coach to drop off and pick up my guests?
Yes, please speak to an Event Manager for logistics.

Can we drop off our items prior to our wedding day?
Yes, we have a place to store your wedding items up to a week in advance for non-perishable items. We cannot store any items in our fridges due to Health and Safety Regulations. We highly advise that wedding cakes and flowers are delivered on the day of your wedding. Any items left overnight are left at your own risk. Any items left behind will be disposed of after 1 month.

Is there parking onsite and can we leave cars overnight?
There is plenty of parking onsite for guests to use. Cars can be left overnight at owners’ risk and collected by 10 am the next morning.

What payment options do you accept?
We accept credit and debit cards at our bar. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash.

Are we required to clear our belongings at the end of the night?
All your wedding bits will be put in the reception area ready for you to collect the next morning by 10 am. We advise the Boudoir is cleared during the turnaround; any items left will also be put in the reception area. Apart from any rubbish, please take all items with you – this includes helium cannisters as we are unable to dispose of these for you. Anything left will be disposed of after 1 month.

Can we use the Rickety Barn chairs in the dining barn?
The Chiavari chairs are solely for use in the Rickety Barn. You are more than welcome to hire your own chairs for the Bridge Barn, please see are supplier list for recommendations.

Do I need wedding insurance?
This is strongly recommended. To compare wedding insurance prices please visit:

Access Times

What are your venue access times?
Access to the venue is from 10 am on the day of your wedding until 10 am the following day. Access to the Boudoir is from 8.30 am.

When does my wedding set up take place?
You can access the venue from 10 am to set up. There is a possibility that you can set up the day before between 11 am and 3 pm if there isn’t a wedding however, this can be discussed with your Event Manager. If access the day before isn’t possible our team will be available to assist with set up.

What time does the evening end?
Last orders at the bar are at 11.15 pm and the bar closes at 11.30 pm. Our entertainment license finishes at 11.30 pm. Music must stop then, and all guests must leave by 12.00 am. Please make sure your suppliers are aware of the finish times.

Confetti and Fireworks

Are we allowed to have sparklers?
Yes, you are more than welcome to use sparklers. We suggest liaising with your photographer to create the perfect sparkler shot.

Are we allowed confetti and confetti cannons?
Yes, only biodegradable confetti is acceptable in the courtyard. Please don’t throw confetti inside any of the buildings. Sorry, but we don’t allow confetti cannons due to Health and Safety.

Are fireworks/Chinese lanterns permitted?
We do not allow fireworks out of consideration for our neighbours and livestock. Unfortunately, lanterns are not permitted either due to nearby livestock.

Music and Entertainment

Do you have a microphone?
Yes, we have a wireless microphone in Bridge Barn.

Do you have any audio-visual facilities in Bridge Barn that we could use for the speeches?
We have a basic projector screen, but no projector. If you would like to bring your own projector, we would be more than happy to accommodate space for it and help you to set it up.

How many plug sockets do you have in the band area, and what is the amperage of the plug sockets?
We have four double plug sockets available in the band area, which are 13 amps.

Do you have a PA system?
Yes, we have a PA system in the Rickety Barn and the Bridge Barn. It can only be used to play background music from your device during the ceremony, wedding breakfast or an entrance song as you are announced into the room. You must provide an adaptor for your
device if required.

Do you have a sound limiter, and what is it set at?
Yes, we do have a sound limiter in place in accordance with our entertainment license which is 95 decibels. Please make sure your suppliers are aware of this and that they can play within this level.

Are smoke and haze machines permitted?
Unfortunately not as smoke and haze machines activate our fire alarms. Uplighters and other forms of clever lighting are a great alternative and make our barns look spectacular.

Food and Drink

Can we use our own caterers?
Unfortunately not. All of our catering and drinks are provided by our on-site caterers. They pride themselves on their food and can discuss bespoke options if you have something different in mind.

Can we bring our own wine?
All the various drinks required are included in your chosen menu package. Our licensed bar will open straight after your ceremony. All catering is provided in–house and it is not possible to bring in any food or drink to the venue, including alcoholic favours (with the exception of traditional wedding cakes).

Are we allowed to bring in any food and drink at all?
You or your guests may not supply or bring on to the premises any food or drink except for wedding cakes, confectionery and edible favours or gifts. If you are bringing any food to the Venue, you are responsible for notifying us and your guests about any allergens and checking any potential health issues with your guests. Before you purchase food and drink supplies or make a commitment please check with us first for approval for any item you wish to supply. Please refer to the terms and conditions on the booking portal for full details.