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Wedding Ideas


Wedding Cake Ideas for a Barn Wedding at Bassmead Manor Barns

Think of your wedding cake as a key element of your wedding décor. Choose a design that embraces the style and colour scheme of your day and display the finished result so that it can be admired by your guests. Of course, your cake should also taste as good as it looks! We hope you’ll love some of these wedding ideas for your barn wedding cake.


The Naked Cake

The perfect choice for a rustic style of wedding, the naked cake has no outer layer of buttercream or icing, showing its tiers off to the world. It might sound plain but looks beautiful when decorated with vibrant fruits or fresh flowers.

The Semi-Naked Cake

A little more glamorous than a purely naked cake, this cake has a thin coating of buttercream or ganache on the outside. It still holds the pretty, rustic style of the naked cake but enables you to add more colour and texture. You might even add some drip icing to keep your style bang on trend, or a touch of gold leaf for a little glamour.

The Traditional Cake

A traditional, tiered wedding cake suits every venue with its classic elegance and timeless shape. Add flowers to suit your colour scheme and consider including some texture to the icing for a hint of country wedding style.

A traditional wedding cake is always a firm favourite for weddings at Bassmead Manor Barns © Cotton and Crumbs

The Contemporary Cake

Choosing a barn wedding venue doesn’t mean you can’t have a modern wedding cake. Our Bridge Barn boasts a contemporary edge with spectacular features and is perfectly complemented by a sleek wedding cake. Choose geometric shapes and clean lines, keeping it chic with pure white or adding your chosen colours.

The Hanging Cake

It’s becoming increasingly popular to suspend your wedding cake, creating a spectacular display. Using rope and wood to create a ‘swing’ works particularly well in a barn wedding venue, as does a more elaborate effect with plenty of flowers and foliage.

The Cake Topper

A wedding cake topper is the icing on… the cake! It not only adds height to your cake (which is a great idea in a barn with high beams) but can complement your decoration. If you choose a cake topper with your names or initials, it’s the perfect way to add a little personalisation.

If you have yet to visit Bassmead Manor Barns, we would love to show you all we have to offer. Simply give our friendly team a call on 01234 860006 or contact us online.

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