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Wedding Ideas

© Jamie Groom Photography

Embrace the magic of autumn at Bassmead Manor Barns. Your dream wedding awaits amidst the magical atmosphere of this remarkable venue in picturesque Bedfordshire. Autumn weddings are blessed with amazing, earth-toned colours which you may want to draw on for your décor. Read on to learn how Bassmead Manor Barns makes the perfect backdrop for your autumn celebration.

Your Wedding Day at Bassmead Manor Barns

Picture yourself standing in our brand-new outdoor ceremony area, The Thatched Bower, surrounded by the beauty of the season. With seating for 150, this picturesque space offers a serene waiting area adorned with lush greenery. As the rustic doors open, anticipation fills the air, leading you towards a mesmerising walk down the aisle, creating an unforgettable and awe-inspiring moment. Why not pop a few blankets around so people can feel cosy in the fresh autumn air? The Thatched Bower is available until the end of October.

Or you may choose the historic and meticulously restored Rickety Barn for your autumn wedding. This extraordinary venue, steeped in 300 years of tradition, boasts original solid oak beams, wooden floors, and elegant wrought-iron chandeliers. The intimate ambience is further enhanced by the soft glow of twinkling fairy lights, setting the scene for a truly beautiful autumnal wedding celebration.

A New Chapter Unfolds

Designed entirely with weddings in mind, Bassmead Manor Barns is perfect for autumn weddings. From the moment you arrive up the tree-lined drive, wander over the footbridge and into the garden; you will feel enveloped in romance.

Start your day by getting ready in The Boudoir. This charming and elegant space has been purpose-designed to offer you a cosy haven for your preparations. Inside you’ll find The Salon, with hair and make-up stations as well as cosy seating for relaxing on before the ceremony and enjoying some of our delicious sharing platters. Every intricate detail adds to the allure, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere as you prepare for your wonderful autumn wedding day. 

Following reception drinks in the Moat Barn, we invite you to dine in the Bridge Barn. Contemporary and flooded with natural light, this spectacular space features a dramatic timbered ceiling and views across the gardens and moat. A neutral colour scheme allows you to impart your autumnal style, its elegant simplicity needing little other than some beautiful flowers to bring the outside in. 

As the sun sets on your magical celebration, we invite you to spend the evening in our honeymoon suite, Dove Cottage. Our luxurious cottage is perfect for the two of you to reminisce on the day and toast to your newlywed status.  

 For your closest friends and family, Appletree Cottage awaits, offering comfort and tranquillity amidst stunning autumn countryside views. With seven ensuite bedrooms, each individually decorated and named after local flowers, this haven accommodates up to 14 guests, creating the perfect retreat for your loved ones to share in the joy of your special day. 

Delicious autumnal food

When it comes to autumn wedding catering, the season offers a rich tapestry of flavours and culinary delights. From hearty and comforting dishes to seasonal ingredients that showcase the best of nature’s harvest, our team of chefs uses the very best that the season has to offer.

Work with us to discuss your vision and preferences, and allow our Event Managers to guide you in creating a menu that reflects the spirit of autumn. By incorporating seasonal ingredients, you can create a culinary experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and make your autumn wedding truly unforgettable.

When your long-awaited autumn wedding day finally arrives, rest assured that our dedicated team at the venue is here to cater to your every need. We understand that your focus should be on enjoying yourself and creating cherished memories, so allow us to handle the rest.

“The caterers served outstanding food and lots of guests said this was the highlight of the day!”


Real Enchanting Autumn Wedding Experience

With a rich, glamorous colour scheme, live music, ambient lighting and thoughtful details, the autumn wedding of Amy and Joe was truly magical.

Setting an autumn wedding date, Amy and Joe visited Bassmead Manor Barns and fell in love with it immediately! Amy says, “We broke a few traditions, and they were some of the most special moments for me. For example, I wanted both my mum and dad to walk me down the aisle. I will never forget having them both by my side before I got married.” 


Reflecting the season and her father’s tartan, the happy couple chose a navy and green colour scheme, adding a hint of glamour with gold sparkle here and there. Festoon lighting gave the Moat Barn a wonderful ambience, alongside ‘LOVE’ letters and candles in jars. Beautiful blooms adorned the venue, and the end result was a lively, party atmosphere. 

If you’re looking for more ideas for your special day, we hope you’ll also be inspired by the colourful wedding of Katie and Chris at Bassmead Manor Barns.

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