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Wedding Ideas


Your Drinks Reception At Bassmead Manor Barns

From thirst-quenching mocktails to fabulous gin bars, prepare to be delighted by the exceptional wedding drinks packages at Bassmead Manor Barns.


Your Drinks Reception is a fantastic time for celebration on your wedding day. After saying your vows, it’s time to relax, greet your guests and raise that first glass of fizz as newlyweds.

As well as offering exquisite menu choices for your special day, Our expert on-site catering team pride themselves in giving you an equally enticing range of drinks packages to choose from. Whether you like the idea of creating a personalised wedding cocktail or you want to offer beer drums on a warm summer’s day, the choice is yours!

Keep it Classic

We just love the classic wedding drinks, from a glass of Buck’s Fizz to Pimm’s Original No.1 Cup. Be seasonal with your choices, perhaps opting for mulled wine or Pimm’s Winter Cup in cooler months.

Sparkle, Sparkle

If fizz is your thing, take it to the next level with Le Altane Prosecco served alongside a create-your-own Bellini station of seasonal fruit purées or sorbets and fresh fruit. Alternatively, you might serve mini bottles of Prosecco – whichever you choose, it’s just perfect for a wedding.

If you’re a lover of prosecco have your own prosecco station for your drinks reception at Bassmead Manor Barns © Megan Wilson Photography

Gin O’Clock

With the current fashion for gin showing no sign of waning, how about a Gin Bar – a selection of Old Tom Gin and London Dry Gin served with a variety of tonics and fresh garnishes.


It’s always important to offer a great selection of non-alcoholic drinks, both for guests who are driving and for those who prefer to take a break from the alcoholic options. Keep it simple with a vibrant Elderflower Sparkler or a summery orange and mango juice with fresh lime. Or, choose something a little bit different. We particularly love the Mockjito – fresh mint and lime crushed with brown sugar and topped with lemonade.

All About Beer

You won’t be surprised to know that drums of beer prove to be very popular with guests! Choose from Czech Budweiser Budvar, Thai Singha, Mexican Sol or Corona, Catalonian Estrella or Italian Peroni. If you’d prefer to offer ale, we can organise a superb guest ale – perhaps Bombadier, Spitfire or Old Hooky.

Serve a selection of beers as an alternative to cocktails during your wedding reception at Bassmead Manor Barns © Ed Brown Photography

Mix It Up…

… with your very own cocktail station. Choose your favourite cocktail and something that complements your other wedding ideas, whether it’s a Mojito or a Rum Punch, and serve it to your guests. While this is a great idea for your drinks reception, it’s also something you might consider for your evening party. A boozy hot chocolate station with a choice of Baileys, Tia Maria or Cointreau complete with whipped cream and marshmallows is just the thing for a winters evening.

As an alternative to cocktails choose a hot chocolate station for your evening reception at Bassmead Manor Barns

If you’re feeling inspired and considering your menu choices, find out more about the luxury onsite wedding caterers at Bassmead Manor Barns here.

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